The Power of Design

Design is the sign of differentiation & distraction that sets it apart from others to establish identity and individuality. Aarnav has a professional team of dedicated designers with the creative energy to generate great variety and beauty


​• Loop Machine

• Continuous Ager Machines (Gayatri)

• Polymerising Machines

• Open Width Soaper Machines (Dhall)
• Weft Stenter Machines (Harish / Motex)
• Zero Zero Machines
• Calendar Machines (Andritz Kuster)

• Brushing Machines


• Singeing Machines (Osthoff)

• Continuous Bleaching Range Machine - CBR (Dhall)

• Maxi Jigger Machines
• Fully Automatic Jigger Machines

• Mercerizing Machine (Menzel)
• Jet Dyeing Machines
• Rotary Machines (MHMS, Stovec RD4, Ichinose)
• Fully Automatic Flat-Bed Machines

Suiting and Shirting

Things we do with Narrow Width

Clothes make the man and fabric make the clothes. 

The choice of suitable shirting and suiting materials reflect and define the aura of the wearer. 

Aarnav Group has integrated the elements of technology, expertise, experience and excellence to ensure and offer high quality fabrics that can transform into a personality.